Lutheran Worship is Counter-Cultural

One of the notable aspects of some of the major political issues today is how clearly their focus is on self-determination. Abortion, trans-genderism, and homosexuality are all driven by the desire for self-determination. One might even argue they are all, ultimately, just different expressions of the same problem. We all want control over our lives. … Continue reading “Lutheran Worship is Counter-Cultural”

Living in God’s Presence

Despite our many differences, we Missouri Synod Lutherans consider ourselves closer theologically to the Roman Catholic (and Eastern Orthodox) Church than we do to any of our other Protestant brothers and sisters. We disagree with the Catholic Church over matters such as the Office of the Papacy, the role of repentance, the function of God’s … Continue reading “Living in God’s Presence”

Waving to God

There was a recent conversation where someone asked why a pastor elevates the host during the Words of Institution. There are a number of practical reasons for doing this, which are perfectly valid. A pastor may lift it up so that the congregation can see what he’s talking about. He might do it to make … Continue reading “Waving to God”

The Third Sacrament

Depending on what you’re reading from Luther, you will find him stating at some points that there are two sacraments and sometimes three. The Lutheran reformers wanted to move away from the Catholic definition of the term “sacrament” and bring it more in line with the things God stood behind. That led them to define … Continue reading “The Third Sacrament”

The Holy Caretaker

A recent conversation I had was reflecting on the experience of an individual who felt he was being continuously discriminated against and denied Communion without cause. This would happen when he would visit a church while off on business and, when the time came, he would come up for Communion. With some regularity the pastor … Continue reading “The Holy Caretaker”


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