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2 thoughts on “Sacramental Typology”

  1. This is awesome. Thank you for sharing this and presenting it at CLS.

    One question I had was on the slide titled “New Creation in the Modern Day”. In one bubble you say “God does not see our sin, we have been reset to time before sin”. If this is Modern Day, we have not yet been reset (at least not fully), that will come at the Eschaton when Christ returns and we are resurrected in our glorious bodies. Rather, today, God does not see our sin on account of we have been covered in the robe of Christ’s righteousness.


    1. I agree, but I’ll also say those are not two different things. We have been reset. Reset to what? To our original state of righteousness. How does that happen when we have no righteousness of our own? Because Christ gives it to us. We are baptized into His death and life. Thus, what He has is also given to us. St. Paul uses the terminology of “putting on Christ.” I aim to show what exactly that means.


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