Trinity for Tots

Trinity for Tots is a new book coming out by Lutheran author, Mary Moerbe. It’s written for parents to read to little kiddos to give them some idea what this Father, Son, and Holy Spirit stuff is all about. I can say from experience that even pastors can trip over trying to break down something as complicated as “Three Persons who are distinct and yet somehow also really just One even though sometimes we see two or even three of them at the same time and sometimes they even talk to each other like they are different but really they’re not, unless you’re talking about Jesus in His humanity, in which case, yes, they are very different, but still they’re just one. Just, trust me on this.”

No description of the Trinity will be perfect in this life, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make the effort as best we can. Helping little ones to at least try and wrap their minds around this difficult concept is a noble goal. Anyone who might have to try and explain the Trinity to someone, which is hopefully every Christian, would do well to check this book out. It is currently due to be released May 30th and can be purchased at Amazon and Ad Crucem.

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